Friday, February 27, 2009

Long Day!

Today started off with Dante's speech evaluation at Worcester State College. He was uncooperative most of the time, choosing to sit impassively. I think part of it was him not appreciating that I woke him up early to go, and part of it was he does not interact as much with non-family members. In a few weeks I will receive the written evaluation and recommendation, then he will probably start once or twice weekly speech in their clinic.

We rushed home to get ready for our bowling fundraiser. Nikita had frosted cupcakes while I was gone. We had so much fun bowling with all of our friends, and it was a nice little fundraiser too. There were 32 bowlers, plus parents who were not bowling. I am so thankful for everyone's support!

I discovered today that Micah and Amelia, my 6 and 7 year olds, can bowl better than I. And I used the bumpers too! Maybe it was their level of enthusiasm that coaxed the balls oh so slowly down the lane. My good friend Meridith was better at bowling than I as well, but I must say she takes the user of the bumpers to a professional level. (I love you Meridith!)

After bowling we took the little ones home for a nap before our hockey night out. We went to an AHL game in Worcester, and watched the Portland Pirates beat the Sharks. Amelia and Micah love shouting "Goooaaal!" We had amazing seats---same row as last year--- directly behind the teams. It is so interesting to watch the team interact as they are on the bench. One of the Portland players (#10) dropped a game puck over the plexiglass to Amelia after the game, which was incredibly nice of him. It was cold and wet, but I am sure she will appreciate it in time! Last year, one of the trainers of the Monarchs dropped a puck to Amelia after that game.

AND- yesterday I found out that our hearing date in Taiwan is April 7th! A little later than we hoped for, but still only five weeks from Tuesday! We hope to travel about a month after the hearing, and I am getting excited.

Now I should go help get the kids to bed. . . it has been a very long day.


Arizona mom to eight said...

Don't you love our kids with Ds get uncooperative during evals, I used to get embarassed when Meghan did it, I thought it reflected badly on me as her mom, silly me. Meghan was fine, she does not like new people. Amanda is the best at avoiding people and she hates evaluations. She is not quite the same little girl there as she is here.

KellyL said...

I did feel foolish trying to convince them Dante is much more cooperative at home!