Saturday, March 7, 2009

Amelia is 8!

On Wednesday Amelia turned 8! We started off the day by meeting Meridith at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Ame had the breakfast of champions, her style: Froot Loops, French Fries, and Bacon. The wonderful servers then sang Happy Birthday to Amelia and presented her with a hot fudge sundae.

Back at home, Nikita and I decorated cupcakes for Amelia to take to Family Night at church. I caught Micah sampling the frosting. He looks fairly unrepentant, and in fact turned his back on my seconds after I took this photo!

Amelia seems to be convinced she is 28, not 8. She is an adult trapped in a child's body. Here are some pictures of her assisting Dante with his ankle braces. I think it is cute that Dante has no problem with Amelia helping him. He is holding his shoe as he waits for her to tighten the velcro.

Here is an unrelated photo of Micah, just for fun. He had decided to play house in the bathroom but fell asleep!

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Dolores said...

They are so adorable!