Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Less Than Three Weeks!

I wish I was saying that about travel, but not yet. April 7th is Sunny's Hearing Date in Taiwan, and we will hopefully know soon after that when we can travel. Less than three weeks until a judge sees our adoption case!

In the meantime, life goes on here in the Lindsay household. Amelia's speech therapist is working with her on sentences. Together they look at a book, then use a pacing board to make a sentence. So far, most have been something like, "the dog is red" or "the girl is reading". Amelia now thinks every sentence should have "the" or "is" in it. Yesterday she came to me and said, "The Dante sleeping"- and indeed, Dante had fallen asleep on the floor. Each word was said separately and distinctly. I was quite proud of her! To keep the praise coming, she continued trying to make sentences. I asked Alexander to dish her some ice cream, so she said, "The Nanner ice cream is share". (I call him Xander.)

This morning she let me know "the ___ is broken". I really could not tell what she said is broken because of Dante's music toy playing, but she made an excellent sentence! She's trying!!!

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Christine said...

Still, that is awesome news!