Monday, March 30, 2009

Special Olympics

Saturday Amelia participated in the Assessment Round for Special Olympics. It helps to determine her placement in the Summer Games this June. She, of course, was spectacular and had a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, I have one of the least expensive digital cameras out there, and it showed its lack of quality in the photos I tried to take of her routines. I gave up after a while and just have these 2 of her at the end. She was thrilled with her medal and participation ribbon.
What I found the most impressive that evening was the dedication of the Special Olympics volunteers. There is nearly one for every athlete. Their dedication is amazing, and I am very thankful for the teens and adults who are spending time every week helping. Every now and then (during my three hours sitting on the bleachers) a bored, distracted, or overstimulated athlete would take off across the floor, and his/her volunteer would patiently redirect him/her back to the mat where they were waiting. One of Amelia's coaches went through her floor routine with her, making sure she went through each step. By June Amelia might be able to do it with the coach just on the sidelines!
PS- Can you see where she trimmed her bangs?

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