Monday, March 23, 2009

On the Farm

Some friends of ours have been in the midst of a personal tragedy, their husband/dad was injured on their farm and is still in the hospital recovering. It has been an awesome experience seeing the outpourings of love for them, expressed tangibly through meals, farm help, and visits to Mr. G in his rehab hospital.

We are able to help as well, thankfully because of the flexibility we have in homeschooling. I have actually struggled with what to post about this, because I do not want to seem boastful or to be drawing attention to the good works of my kids. But they have been so blessed to be able to help with barn chores, and to put into practice what the Bible teaches about being a servant.

Zachary has been amazing, and Nikita loves to feed the calves. Zach and Nik are actually up there now playing with P and P. I took some pictures while I was up there last Wednesday, and tomorrow Amelia, Micah, and I will take the pictures in to Mr. G. It will be our first time visiting him; I have to admit that I am more comfortable mucking the barn than doing hospital visits. (Although I slipped and nearly fell into that muck on Wednesday, if that had happened I would probably revise my levels of comfort!)

Nikita and P are feeding Dan his milk. Dan has weak legs and it took a long time. P is next to Nik and all you can see is his glove as he steadies Dan's chin.

This is a picture of Nik, Zach, P, and P playing
hide 'n seek in the hay. You cannot see Zach and P because they are down in between the rolls of hay. It was a nice diversion for a few minutes!

This is Henry. I think he is absolutely hysterical looking with his "toupe" there on top. The poor guy must have had a bald spot!

My friend Meridith did not grow up near farm animals, and she has definitely had some learning experiences when she goes up to help. L had to explain to her that the wooden eggs do not get collected from the hen's nest boxes, just the real ones please!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Kelly - LOVE this! What a fabulous opportunity - and what wonderful kiddos you have {and cute, too!}


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