Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine

I was at work Friday night, and all the girls were talking about Valentine's Day. It was the usual talk: who was going out to eat with the boyfriend, who was expecting flowers (or else!), who had no one to make it a special day. I asked one coworker if she realized that Valentine's Day actually is the day St. Valentine was martyred. She had no clue, and actually knew nothing about the saint himself. I am certain a poll of my other coworkers would have revealed the same.

Jamie and I have never really celebrated February 14th. Not just because to us it has become a "Hallmark Holiday", but also because our anniversary is February 22nd and those two dates are too close together for that much sweetness and spending. (My history major husband had to get married on George Washington's birthday; it happened to be a Saturday that year, although he insists it was destiny!)

He does give me a wonderful valentine every year though. Every year I take Nikita and her girlfriends up to New Hampshire for a weekend in February, with Jamie's blessing. We are very thankful for his parents' cottage up in the mountains, and I am very thankful for the weekend away. My friend Meridith joined us this year and we sat and talked, read, knitted, and listened to 4 giggly girls being silly for a weekend. She has no daughter and I was amused at her reactions to these 4 twelve and thirteen year old girls having a blast together. I think it is safe to say the weekend was a blessing to us all.

Now I am home again and poor Amelia has a fever, Micah woke up at 4AM with the start of a fever, and Dante just woke up with a very congested cough. Plus, tomorrow is the children's outreach party at church, and I have lots of last minute preparations to complete.

Thank you Jamie for the wonderful Valentine's Day gift, and for the beautiful roses!

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Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

oh what a perfect weekend! we do not do Valentines day either as hubby and wife, we believe it is every day but we do ahve a family special something! LOL