Friday, August 14, 2009

Dante Swimming

I mentioned a while ago that Dante is taking a swimming class at the YMCA, and they let him in with the parent/baby class. Jamie, being the wonderful Dad that he is, has been taking Dante. Today Amelia and I went along to watch and take some pictures.

In this one Jamie is singing "Humpty Dumpty" and Dante is about to have his fall.
This is a happy face. Dante does his unhappy face when it is time to float on his back. He prefers to be on his stomach with Daddy spinning in circles. Dante does also like the circle songs when they get splashed up and down, and blow bubbles.
Today was his last class, because we will be on vacation next week. I am considering signing him up for another class in the Fall, since he enjoys it so much. There are only two problems with that... I would have to pull him out of school one morning a week for it (unless I find an afternoon class), and I would have to actually go in with him. It is so hard to get used to that water!!
In the meantime, I am very thankful that Jamie has been such a great husband and Dad, being willing to go every week with his baby boy.

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