Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Good to Be Home

We arrived home Friday, but yesterday our house still had that just arrived home look....suitcases everywhere, bags of food on the counter, piles of laundry.

And my poor garden! We had absolutely perfect weather all week- 90 ish temperatures and bright sun every day. Perfect for our vacation, not so perfect for a garden left untended. It had been a rainy summer, and I have had to water my garden only three times so far. Each time it rained within 12 hours. Friday I watered the garden for over an hour...two hours later a storm swept through. Go figure.

I did spend over an hour finding some vegetables growing in my weed patch. Some critters have been enjoying the butternut squash, and I think they might be Zach's pullets. This was my first year planting potatoes, and I am just amazed that they grew so well. Last night for dinner we had green beans and potatoes from the garden, and the roast was actually from "Buster" up the road. A home grown meal in every sense of the words.

So, I've done 4 loads of laundry, made some bread, cooked up another batch of laundry soap (saves me soooo much money!), gotten a start on the weeding, and am getting all the school supplies/books organized.

Vacation was wonderful and relaxing, but it is good to be home and busy again!!

God is good!

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Suzanne said...

HEy come over here and get some of my stuff done with all that energy...LOL! How was Buster--I got a piece of him too:-)