Monday, August 24, 2009

Life Skills

I have a loosely formed list of priorities for my little kid's educational goals over the years. First of course is my desire to impart to them a love of Jesus, and to love one another.

I'd like them to learn to read and do basic math. Going deeper in education would be great, but life skills will be more important than learning history.

Starting them now on that road is not too early, despite being so young and having Down Syndrome. It is actually a way for me to channel Amelia's energy and assumptions that she already can do it all! Tonight Amelia helped me make pasta for dinner. Quite literally. Here are some photos of her rolling out linguine:

I know that making pasta is not your normal life skill, but I could not let her boil it, and this was not only a learning experience, it gave her a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. (And saved me money on boxed pasta!)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time and learning experience!

illiggirl4 said...

looks like she had a lot of fun