Saturday, July 21, 2012

10 Months Old!

Today Kimberly is 10 months old, and she ate breakfast in the high chair for the first time!

First she checked the integrity of the tray, to make sure it was solid.

Then Kimberly let Dante know she was taking over Leif's seat.
He seemed unconcerned.

Then it was time to eat!!

Dante made his move, although I am going to assume he was just checking the temperature of her food.
He did not actually eat any- it looked too much like something a baby would eat.

Life is good!!


Today I was also able to spend some time weeding my garden.  I have already frozen 8 bags of green beans from my garden, plus a large amount of blueberries and cabbage that was given to us.  Jamie brought home a bunch of bananas and apples one day, so Leif and I cut up and froze the bananas, and I made the apples into applesauce and froze 16 pints.

This morning after weeding I planted a second crop of peas for fall picking.  The Sunflowers in the photo are ornamental, not for food, but I planted a ring of peas around each of the sunflowers, so they will grow up the stalk.  I also planted a second crop of spinach and lettuce around the bottoms of the sunflowers.

My 35 tomato plants are also doing well, and I should be able to make a lot of salsa for canning and sauce for freezing starting in a few more weeks.  (The tomato and pepper plants are not in this photo.)

God is good!

Life is peachy!

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