Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crazy Days of Summer

Now that we are full into Summer, I am ready for vacation.  We do not get away until the second week of August, and until then I am finding the lack of routine difficult.  Zachary is in New Hampshire, Nikita is working, Jamie is teaching Summer school, Alexander leaves in a week, and I am trying to keep the garden weeded and the kids from going stir-crazy.  The days at home with the 6 youngest are nice though, and I have been doing a lot of therapies with Kimberly and Dante.

However, this past Thursday was particularly nutty.
7am - milked the goat.  Jamie left at 7:45, dropping off Nik at the stables on his way.
8am-  went to the stables to pick up Nik and bring her home arrived in time to leave again with Kimberly
9am- Kimberly had her 9 month well-check .
9:45 arrived home to the pony being picked up to spend the weekend at the stable, since this weekend the fireworks and carnival are directly across the fence from our yard.  Nik and I followed the truck up to get Ginger settled.
10:30 arrived home from the stable (again), changed 2 very messy diapers, and left again at 10:45 with Micah.
11:30 Micah had a dentist appointment.  He was very good for the cleaning and x-rays; he has NO cavities (!!), but 4 baby teeth that needed to be pulled because he has adult teeth coming in completely crooked.  We scheduled three more appointments.
1:30 arrived home and started to wash the breakfast and lunch dishes.  One of Kimberly's therapists called and asked if she could come at 2pm since I had cancelled next week's appointment (because Sunny will be in the hospital that day).  How could I say no??
3:00 the therapist has left, I have just over an hour until I need to leave for work.
4:40 I leave for work, this night I was home around 11pm.

Thankfully not very many days are like this!!  Today we are enjoying our town's Independence Day celebration, and are expecting family and friends for the fireworks tonight.  Next week there are three  appointments and Sunny's adeno-tonsillectomy, but I will worry about that when Thursday comes.


I mentioned Kimberly had her 9 month well-check on the crazy Thursday.  And she most definitely is well!!  Baby Girl is up to 15 pounds 3.8 ounces, and is 26 inches long.  She was given one shot (we only do one at a time, of the doctor's choosing), and did not even flinch.

Kimberly now rolls both ways, and is VERY close to sitting up unassisted.  That alone is cause for celebration, she is so strong!! She gets tons of tummy time, joint compressions, and balancing on the big ball. Kimberly is now eating rice cereal, and also likes squash, sweet potato, and avocado.  I am considering starting her on ginkgo biloba as well.

We are blessed!

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