Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One of Nine has Flown the Coop

Alexander turned 18 in January.  That made him an adult, technically.  He was still a senior, still my boy who needed to be told to get the dishes washed and write the history essay that was due.

Alexander graduated from high school in June.  This left him edging more towards adulthood, but I still needed the floor vacuumed and the table cleared and set for dinner.

Alexander left an hour ago for Basic Training.  Now he's gone and done it.  My first baby is an adult now.

I can't help but wonder where this leaves us as a family. He'll be back- in November for a few months before he goes off to College in January.  Yet...I can't just put him back on the chore chart.  He'll always be my boy and I'll always be his mom, but the dynamics of that relationship will have shifted, and I am not ready.

He most certainly was ready though!

This really isn't about me.  After he left with his recruiter, I still had to fix breakfast for the kids, milk the goat, water the horses, and consider what I will cook for lunch and dinner.  My days will change without him here, but not drastically. 

His days, however, are another story.  A story that will be unfolding for him in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  Jamie and I have done our best to raise him, with God's help, and we pray that he will continue to seek God's guidance in this new book he is just starting to write. 

God is good!

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Justine said...

Oh goodness! This tugs on my heartstrings, and I still have six more years with my oldest.