Friday, July 8, 2011

Frugal, healthy, or just cheap?

I make my own baby wipes and laundry soap.  It saves us money (LOTS of money), and I know what every single indredient is.

I make my own bread, cookies, yogurt and occasionally pasta.  I would make pasta more if I had a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer with the pasta maker attachment, but that would mean spending a boatload of money just to save money. (??) I like knowing what is in my food.  We buy our beef at a local farm, and I have a garden every summer.  I am not sure if I went a little overboard this summer -- 42 tomato plants -- but the canned sauces and salsa will hopefully last me well into the winter.

Sometimes I am just cheap though.  I really wanted some pizza for lunch.  We are trying so hard to save for our adoption that I could not justify ordering pizza.  Nik does not feel well, Jamie is working, and the boys are at camp-- and I was not going to load my 5 little ones into the van and do a grocery store run for the mozzarella I needed!  So I got the pizza dough rising, turned the gallon of milk in the fridge into mozzarella cheese, and used the leftover pasta sauce as pizza sauce.

Sunny loved it!  We all did, actually.


Susan said...

The kids loved it, that's what counts.

Amy said...

We love homemade pizza, but I have never made my own cheese! Impressive! My kids prefer homemade pizza to ordering out. We have the pasta making attachment for the kitchen aid & homemade pasta is yummy! Honestly, we find it still takes quite a bit of time to make all that we need for one meal for a dozen of us, so that is a downside. I like to think we are smart, not cheap:) we rather spend our $$ on important stuff!

Mama said...

You made your own cheese?? I have always wondered how to do that! I am a make-shift cook quite often and this would add to my arsenal. :)

KellyL said...

I used a recipe in my "Backyard Homestead" book for 30 minute mozzarella, although you can find the recipe in a number of books and online. Once you have rennet and citric acid all you need is a gallon of milk, a thermometer and about 45 minutes! If you measure right and do the temps right it will be perfect and delicious!