Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Jobs

 Last Wednesday Alexander went up to Camp Good News to begin his summer as a Junior Counselor.  I will not see him again until August 12th!  Yesterday Zachary went up to volunteer for Teen Service.  He will be home on weekends, but it is still new to us all to have both teen boys gone for such long stretches.  Amelia has been "calling" them on her pretend cell phone to see how they are doing.

In Zachary's absence, it was like a dream come true this morning for Amelia when she was asked to fill in doing the barn chores that he normally does three times a week.  Mrs. G up at Rocky Ridge Beef Farm is wonderful and so patient with Amelia. 

 Amelia helped dole out the grain to the hungry bovines.

 Here she is filling a bucket with silage, being watched by the cows.
 The buckets have been handed out, and below Amelia takes the time to pose for a picture on a tractor.

 Amelia needed clear instructions and obviously cannot completely fill Zachary's shoes, but she worked hard!

Afterwards she picked some blueberries, which were meant for trying out a new recipe but Leif ate half of them as soon as we arrived home!

I am glad the boys are spending the Summer doing works of service, Alexander for 7 weeks and Zachary for 3.  We do miss them but I know that not only is this a time of them serving others, it will be a time of spiritual growth for them.  It is also nice to have someone else having expectations of them, to help them to continue to be hard workers.  Nikita has not left us, but she has been spending hours each day helping out at the stable where she keeps her horse.  She plans to help with the camp weeks when they start.  

Tomorrow Jamie starts his summer teaching job.  We are so blessed to have him working as a teacher and being home each summer, so I am really going to miss him the next few weeks as he goes off every morning to work.  Thankfully they are not full days.  The money will be going into our adoption fund,  which is good because we really need $890 to file the immigration paperwork.  Once that clearance comes back our little girl will officially be put on hold.

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