Monday, July 25, 2011

We are not Crazy, We are Christians

Some might argue that being a Christian is crazy.  I suppose then I should not mind when people say Jamie and I are crazy for adopting a fifth child, bringing our total to 9.  What bugs me though?  The only people who have called us crazy are fellow Christians; not our coworkers, not our social worker.

How will we handle that many children?  Excuse me?? Parents have been handling large broods for thousands of years.  How many brothers did Joseph have?  I'd guess there were a few sisters in there too.  Just because a few of ours have Down Syndrome does not suddenly make life some incredible challenge.  Quite frankly, it is one of my teenagers that wears me out the most these days!

Please, stop thinking like a spoiled American and think like a child of God.  We can handle it because He is our strength and our Redeemer.

We do not need to eat out once a week or have steaks for dinner.  We do not need to buy everything ready made for us.  I am not the only person who saves money by baking my own bread, making my own laundry soap, growing a large garden, and cooking from scratch.  Bean soup is nutritious and delicious.  Beef stew goes a long way.  No one in my family has ever complained about hand me downs. That does not mean I never buy new clothes for anyone, there can be some very good sales out there.  Learning to live with less is a good thing.

Okay, I am done venting.  Check out the link below to one of Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate columns, which coincidentally was in my emails today:

We’ve Become a Nation of Softies


Anna said...

AMEN SISTER! PREACH IT! I agree completely :)

Anonymous said...

You inspire me and remind me what being a Christian is all about. I pray for you all and praise God for your hearts, which are full of love for His children. You are not crazy, you are true Christians who walk your walk daily. Much love to you all!!!

Liz Tetrault

Dana said...

In one ear and out the other! Just ignore them and realize that they're the ones who are missing out on all of God's AMAZING blessings!!! We have seven children and haven't adopted yet. I get comments all the time.I feel sorry for the ones making the comments because they don't have a heart for children like our Lord does.I just smile and tell them how great my children are and how blessed we are! We are praying for more through adoption and birth!!!