Monday, September 1, 2008

Bake Sale

Saturday was our home school Tag and Bake Sale. Nikita and I spent all day Friday baking- she made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and one of oatmeal cookies. I made peanut butter cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and 4 loaves of zucchini bread. Several friends also brought cookies and bread.

In all, our sales were $128.50!! I am so thankful for the help of friends, and for all the people that purchased something. About half of my jams and salsas were bought, which is fine because the rest will be used by us this winter.

Jamie and I have been spending a lot of time this weekend filling out grant applications, too. Some of the financial questions they ask are actually more invasive than the home study was! I can understand them wanting to know about our Christian lives and basic income/expenses, but do they really need me to outline how much money we spend on gas?! We have already been turned down for one grant-- did not even get past the pre-qualifications. No reason given, just a "no". We will keep plugging away though.

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