Saturday, September 27, 2008


Micah has not been in a lot of pictures/posts yet, so this one is for him. He is 6, and we brought him home from Hong Kong a few days after his third birthday. Micah is very charming, and very aware of his charm! He is also a bit defiant....will look right at me and say "no" if he does not want to do what is asked of him, like putting his breakfast bowl in the sink. Micah loves to sing, loves to watch TV, and is especially fond of sliding down the railing of the stairs.
Sunny is exactly halfway between Micah and Amelia in age, and I can see them becoming the Three Musketeers.
Here are some pictures of Micah, for Sandy to see how he has grown! (Thank you Sandy for giving him such a great name and loving him when he was in Mother's Choice!)

Micah did not walk until he was just over 3, but now he just loves climbing, swinging, jumping...anything with movement. He loved his gymnastics class last year. And he just had to climb the fence we had put around our property to help him and Amelia remember not to wander.

And finally, a picture that shows him at can see the space where he had trimmed his hair himself. When he did it a second time we took for his buzz cut. It is slowly growing back though!


Sandy said...

Oh Kelly, thank you so much! I just love to see how he has grown and am so happy that he ended up in your loving family. If you send me your e-mail I can send you more pictures of him when he was a baby if you would like.

Lisa said...

Hi Kelly, Melody Hill sent me a link to your blog. I worked at MC with Sandy and Mel and had the priveledge of loving on Micah and Amelia daily. I'm so incredibly blessed to see that they're happy, healthy kids. It brings tears to my eyes to hear and see that they're doing so well. I'd love to add you to my blog roll. our blogsite address is God Bless you guys as you're journey-ing to get another precious child!

Dolores said...

What an adorable little boy he is!