Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fingerprints and Birthday gifts

Last Friday Jamie and I went into Boston for our "biometric scans". I still prefer to call them fingerprints, just with no ink. We left the house fairly early and arrived at the location a little after 9, and we were out again by 9:45! There were only five or six people in front of us, but even in that half hour there was a little crowd getting started by the time we left. I am so glad we were there early!

Afterwards we walked over to Quincy Market and had some clam chowder at 10am. I don't get into Boston much, but do love the visits. Sunny's 7th birthday is in two weeks, so we bought her a pink Red Sox T-shirt to send to her.

I have also spent a week knitting Sunny a small blanket. I am hoping she will like it, and will find comfort sleeping with it. Then, she can have it on the airplane coming home and continue to find comfort with her blanket after she has joined our family. I cannot even imagine the confusion and fear she will feel when she first comes home. I also bought a pack of flash cards... so for her birthday from us she will receive a t-shirt, a knit blanket, and the cards.

This will be her last birthday without her family! Every morning the kids and I pray that the Lord is preparing her heart for us, to make her transition easier and to help her understand the changes coming.

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