Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Job!

My Amelia is 7, and she has Down Syndrome. I don't know if it is just her personality, or if the Lord puts a little something extra-special in that extra chromosome kids with Down Syndrome have.
Last weekend I took Nikita shopping at the Salvation Army thrift store. I couldn't resist getting myself a striped green t-shirt I spotted. When I changed into that shirt on Saturday night and came out of my room, Amelia stopped me, took both my hands and held them out while she looked me up and down. Then she said, "oh Mom, is pretty". Not only did she notice I was wearing a new shirt, she made a big deal of telling me I looked good in it. (Not bad for three bucks!)
In church on Sundays we sit near the back, just in case Amelia gets antsy. So most people don't notice that whenever someone sings a solo, and after the choir sings, Amelia stands up, holds out a big thumbs up, and says "good job!".
She even insists on praying whenever someone else is. It was interesting the first time she did it in our Sunday School class (her dad and I teach her first and second grade class). I always pray at the end, so she insisted too. A few girls laughed after and said they had no clue what she was saying. I said, God knows. The next week I prayed for each child by name. So Amelia did too. And this time they were amazed they heard Amelia pray for them by name.
I really need to try to be more like Amelia, remembering to notice the little things and give more affirmation.

And for adoption news, our fingerprint appointment is this Friday!! It has only been two weeks since we sent in the I-600a application; I hope they continue to work on it this quickly so we receive the approval.


Mandy said...

Wow - I stumbled on your blog and it's GREAT! Congrats on Sunny - she's absolutely beautiful like her name :)

KellyL said...

Thanks Mandy, I'm glad you like my blog! We are so excited about bringing Sunny home.

Rachel said...

I love the story of Amelia praying. Reminds me of a friend of mine--now 14 or 15--also with Down Syndrome. One day several years ago I walked into church and he announced my arrival--he was so glad to see me! Another time he and his mother came to visit my mom. My grandmother--who had Parkinson's and the dementia that can go along with it--was living with us. Paul just sat by her and was loving on her.These children are such an example of pure love. While there are many things we can teach to children--they are the ones who ultimately end up teaching us.

Sandy said...

Hi this is Sandy Hansen, I was worked at Mother's Choice and named Micah there. Melody send me your web page and I just love this story. I truly believe that children with Down syndrome are his little angels on earth, just precious.