Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can chickens read?

First, an adoption update...yesterday I received a notice from USCIS that they have our I-600a, and we should expect a fingerprint appointment notice in the next two weeks! Also, today I am sending off our contract to our agency, with a large sum of money. We are praying for a miracle in the mail today because we are still short on the country fee amount that is supposed to be sent along with the contract.

In other news, Amelia has decided to teach Pip how to read. And Pip seems willing to learn!

She then moved on to some music therapy. Maybe George crowing all the time has poor Pip's nerves on edge...

Have a wonder-filled day!


June Berger said...

How cute Amelia is, teaching Pip to read!

The Gross Family said...

That is so sweet!