Friday, September 5, 2008


We have been asked to send a few things off to our agency, to be sent on to Taiwan. One is a photo album of us, our home, and our community. So I took some pictures, and want to share a few here of Dante on his horse. He is not quite three and does not walk yet, and the horse therapy helps to strengthen his muscles for walking. Unfortunately when he does turn three next month we will lose his therapies, but I am hoping for a way to keep the riding. The first few weeks he screamed! Now he sits up there and does his rounds like a pro, and is so good for the therapists.

I for one am thankful he decided to like it, because it was very nervewracking to see my little baby crying and trying to dive off this great big horse. (He might be almost three but he's still my baby!)

And, here's a picture I took of Zach and his rooster, George. Sadly, George will soon be going to a more rural home than ours. We have not had complaints from neighbors yet, but George is doing way too much crowing, starting at 6am. We only have four hens, and I'm sure they will be fine without George standing guard. Zach and George are sitting on the roof of the henhouse.

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