Friday, January 16, 2009

Adoption Update

We have received word that our adoption is just waiting for the hearing in Taiwan! It will probably occur in late February or early March, with travel in April. We have been praying for travel in March or April, so this is wonderful news for us!

Now we have to decide if we will try another fundraiser to cut down on adoption debt, or just use most of the Lifesong for Orphans adoption loan we have been offered. Our expenses still are plane tickets, hotel and food, in country travel, miscellaneous fees (visa, medical...), and country fee.

Jamie thinks we should take Amelia with us to Taiwan when we go to get Sunny. I think it is good because she will miss us and could be difficult while we are gone. I also think it might not be good because she will be so exhausted from the time change and new surroundings that it could drain our energy in Taiwan. We also do not have a US passport for Amelia, and getting one could take some extra effort. And there is the extra expense of her plane ticket. On the plus side again, she and Sunny could really hit it off and that would help Sunny adjust to us. Definitely some praying to be done about this decision. The four boys are definitely staying home, and Nikita is definitely going, we just have to decide about Amelia.

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