Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Alone

Today my three teens left me. Nik and Zach went up to New Hampshire for an overnight trip with Poppy, and Alexander spent the day in Springfield with friends helping to set up for a railroad hobby show.

Nik was undecided about whether she should go. She said she didn't think she should leave me alone with the three little ones. Could I handle it? I said of course I can handle it, "I'm the Mom". It would have been more effective if I had put on a cape and had my hair blowing back as I said it, but she did decide to go without any special effects needed.

It really was very sweet of her. However, it isn't like the little ones are much trouble. Sure it can be interesting when Micah climbs on the counter to get a snack for himself, or Amelia finds a plastic hammer, takes off our wall hangings, and bangs in the nails. Especially when these two things happen at the same time. While I am giving Dante his morning bath.

We had fun together this morning, and we are all still here. Amelia was actually pretty cute. She and Micah went through the circular again and I heard them discussing french fries. Then she came to me and said "You, Amelia, Micah, and Dante go shopping". She pointed at each as she said our names, and she said and signed "shopping". And she wasn't asking, she was telling. What struck me is that she knew we all had to go. I do not normally take everyone shopping, just her. But she knew we could not leave Micah and Dante behind so she decided we would all go.

However, I might be capable of many things, but taking the three of them food shopping on a cold January day was not something that I was going to attempt. So we watched Curious George instead.

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Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

aw, keen sense demonstrated there! great observation of you all needing to go.