Thursday, January 8, 2009


I often do not even get to around to posting twice in one week, and here we are at two in one day. Amelia was really good today, though, and she has earned a post!

Thursday is when one of the local grocery stores has their circular in the paper, and Amelia loves to go through and look at all the food. Anyone sitting at the table is asked repeatedly to stop and look at it with her. So this morning, in my attempts to keep her focusing on something, I decided we would make a list and shop. We went through the paper and cut out a few items that we needed, and pasted them onto a blank piece of paper. There were a few yummy looking items that I had to veto going on her list. Then I put it on a clipboard and went out to clear the inch of icy snow off the van. She was so excited she came out in her sneakers and shirtsleeves to go!

Once we were all set and properly dressed, off to Big Y we went. Amelia enjoyed carrying her shopping list and putting the items in the cart. It helped her to not just start throwing things in-- we matched each item to the picture on her list. She was great!

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