Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chinese Dragon

First of all, Zach is feeling much better, and Jamie only had to check for eggs once. I joked that if Jamie likes it so much, he can do it every day. To which Zach said, "But then what would I do??" I guess he does take his job seriously. Maybe I should ask Jamie to take over the blog since his posts are so profound.

Anyhow, I have pictures of our Chinese Dragon in the making! Our church's Christian Life Committee, of which I am a part, is planning a Chinese New Year's Party with a missions emphasis. We do something each year during Winter Break, and this year it is something very near and dear to me- talking about China. We have crafts, games, missionary stories, and chopsticks for snack time. I have taken it upon myself to make an extra decoration for the party, and the girls have been helping me construct a paper mache dragon.

Amelia was not too sure she liked the feel of the flour mixture on her hands. She washed her hands several times during the first layer.

The body is done, although it looks like a worm at this point.

For the mouth, I have used an old egg carton craft from Zachary's younger days. Even with the scales along the back, it still looks like a cross between a duck and a worm.

Legs, and the beginnings of some color! Nikita helped with painting the eyes.

Zachary brought Pip in, and she willingly stood on some posterboard for me to trace her feet. I thanked her with a slice of fruitcake.
I have all the tissue squares cut, and soon Nik and I will begin filling in our dragon!

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Suzanne said...

I can't wait to see what this finsihed looks like! What a great project...er...for your house.LOL!