Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Are the Kids?

It is winter in New England, how does anyone think the kids are? Micah has an ear infection, Amelia has a sinus infection, Zachary has stomach issues (to put it politely, he has a lack of fiber in his diet- not really a winter thing though), and Dante has "the snots" as one of my co-workers likes to refer to the common cold. Nikita and Xander are just fine!

When I am asked that question by well meaning people, I can in all honesty say the kids are doing pretty well though. Every issue listed above will run its course and they will be fine. I am thankful their current issues are really minor. Yes, I am sure Micah would rather not have an earache and Amelia could do without the gallon of mucous in her sinuses, but they are certainly not lacking in energy or a zest for life!

What I could do without is this freezing weather!

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