Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter in New England

I love Winter here in New England. There is nothing like a fresh snowfall, going sledding, and coming in to hot cocoa and cookies. It really is a wonderful time.

I just think winter should only last for two months. That's it: December and January. The 31st winter is done. I would love to wake up to 75 degrees on February 1st. If the good Lord had asked my opinion regarding the weather that would have been my advice. 75 and sunny February 1st through November 30th. Some good thunderstorms and gentle rainfalls here and there; I might even concede that July and August would be better at 80 degrees. But for winter--- two months and then it has been enough. I should remember that "the Father up above is looking down in love" and be careful what I say regarding His lack of asking for my opinions!

So I sent the kids outside to play in the snow, since it will be gone in 10 days. (or not) I did not bundle up Dante because I only took him out for a few minutes-- mostly so he would be in a picture. Unfortunately for me and my slippers, Dante decided that he loves the snow. We were out for about 10 minutes while he kicked at the snow. (His hands stayed quite warm since I was holding them to walk him.) Wow was he mad when I brought him in!

Alexander is holding Dante for me to take a photo.

I yelled "hey!" and then took a pic when they all looked at me. Nik and Zach no longer appreciate having their pictures taken so I was desperate!

Nikita acting like I am the papparazzi.

Micah and Amelia are fighting over a ladel to use on the snow fort. Zach saved the day and gave Micah a shovel.

Amelia and Zach working on a snow fort.

Micah shoveling the yard.

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